Terms and Conditions - Separation Anxiety School

By confirming your purchase, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

This is an offer to enter into a contract with Lead with Lauren (“Lead with Lauren” or the “Behaviourist”) for the participation of yourself (‘the Client’) in the Separation Anxiety School Programme (“Separation Anxiety School”, “SA School” or the “Programme”) including both the DIY and Supported Versions. You agree that, by making payment online, you will have voluntarily entered into a legally binding contract with the Behaviourist.

By purchasing SA School, you agree that your participation in the Programme will be governed by the following terms and conditions:

Programme Outline

The Client understands that they are enrolling in a 12 week Programme - 8 modules - as part of Separation Anxiety School.

The Client acknowledges that they have done all prior reading and and any additional research and understands what is being provided by SA School and what is not being provided by SA School.


The Client understands that enrolling in SA School is a way of obtaining knowledge from the Behaviourist, including trade secrets and the intellectual property of the Behaviourist, including but not limiting verbal advice, training guidance, written templates, modules, technical information, education, and/or other information that may have become available for use through Client’s participation in SA School. Client understands and acknowledges that this information is not to be shared with others who have not participated in SA School, without permission from Lead with Lauren or Lauren Hewitt-Watts personally.

The Client will agree not to share, copy, download, or distribute any information from any part of SA School in any way, and agrees that they will violate these Terms and Conditions if they repurpose or copy any of this content as part of their business or product for sale without express permission of Lauren Hewitt-Watts.


Information given by the client directly to the Behaviourist via a Questionnaire, WhatsApp Message or 1:1 call will not be shared with anyone else unless permission is given by the Client. Testimonials which are made public by the Client may be shared by the Behaviourist.

Any information sent by the Client, including but not limited to videos, audio, text via Whatsapp will not be saved or stored by the Behaviourist outside of being accessible via the app. Therefore, the Client must ensure they keep their own copy if they wish to.

Vet Referral

Separation Anxiety School is a stand alone Programme of 8 modules, and as such, a Veterinary Referral is suggested but not required. The Client must agree that their animal is fit and healthy before beginning SA School, and has seen their vets within the preceding year of the Programme. The Client agrees to take their dog to their vet at any point if this changes.

Veterinary Referral may be requested by any time by the Behaviourist if required as per the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) Code of Conduct. If this is refused by the Client, then the Behaviourist can limit any bonuses so that the 8 modules of SA School only are delivered to ensure they meet the APBC guidelines. The Behaviourist may share a summary to the vet if required which does not disclose any sensitive information from the Client.


Payments will be made in advance:

a) A one time payment of £195 (DIY) OR £295 (Supported)

b) A monthly payment plan of £67 (DIY) OR £103 per month for three consecutive months.

If the Client decides to choose a payment plan, then they must abide by the monthly payments which will be automatically deducted from the payment card given at the start each month.

Should the Client fail to make payments in a timely manner, or if their payments cannot be processed, then they understand that they will forfeit the course if payment is not made 7 days after it is due.

If the Client does not wish to continue with SA School, payment is still required in full if the Client is on a payment plan. If payment is not made in full, then the Behaviourist reserves the right to cancel the access to the programme, and it is on the Behaviourist’s discretion as to the Client’s continued access to the previous weeks programme.

By paying for the programme, the Client acknowledges that they are making a commitment to pay the Behaviourist in exchange for the privilege of participating in the Programme.


Lead with Lauren wholly believes in the success of SA School. Nevertheless, a full refund is offered within 7 days of the Client’s start date. The Behaviourist will ask for a feedback form to enquire why he/she wishes for a refund.

In the event of a refund, the Client must contact the Lead with Lauren team at [email protected] within the first 7 days of purchase. Refunds will be reimbursed within 30 days of receipt of the email.

The Client understands that when a refund is issued, they will forfeit access to the whole Programme; including but not limited to the Home Study Modules, community, group call, 1:1s, touch-points, and anything else included within the Programme (DIY or Supported)

Due to the subjective nature of Separation Anxiety, Lead with Lauren cannot offer any guarantees of results due to the motivation, health, external forces, availability, dog’s previous learning history, handling skills, level of engagement in the Programme, and other reasons. Therefore, there will not be any refunds issued after the 7 days. Please conduct all due research as to whether this Programme is suitable for you and your dog prior to beginning the Programme.

Voluntary Participation

The Client understands that participation in SA School is entirely voluntary and they are solely responsible for all outcomes and results. Lauren Hewitt-Watts, Kate Carling and Lead with Lauren are in no way liable should the client or dog sustain any injuries, accidents, or harm to themselves or others in any way by partaking in this Programme. The Client agrees that they are fully responsible for themselves and their dog, and that the decision to take part in any strategies or information in SA School is solely the responsibility and discretion of the client.

The Client agrees to indemnify Lauren Hewitt-Watts, Kate Carling and Lead with Lauren for all personal injury and damage to property owned by the Client whilst signed up for SA School, and agrees to make any other person who they include in SA School aware of any risk by participating.

The Client understands that they may be offered to move into a different, more supported Programme if the Behaviourist believes this will be a better fit for the behaviour issue. The Client understands that they will be an additional fee for any programme which involved 1:1 support and will be made fully aware of this prior to accepting. The Client understands any limitations if they not not choose to move to the suggested Programme.

Financial Responsibility

The Behaviourist has made every effort to accurately represent the Programme and its potential. Every individual’s success depends on many factors, including his or her background, dedication, desire, motivation, and the nature of the business in which he or she is engaged. By making payment, the Client represents to the Behaviourist that payment of their fee will not place a significant financial burden on them or their family and that any decisions or actions they take in response to advice or information acquired in the Programme, and their consequences, are their sole responsibility.

1:1 sessions (SA School Supported)

For a limited time, 1 x 30 minute 1:1 session is available for anyone signing up to SA School (Supported). This session must be used within 20 weeks of signing up to the programme. If the Client does not attend the scheduled session when agreed, they agree to forfeit or pay for subsequent sessions. The Behaviourist will provide times and days the 1:1 will be booked. The Behaviourist will offer times and dates so that Clients of SA School are able to book a session; however, it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure they schedule in time to allow for this session. No weekend sessions are available.

Any questionnaires or referral forms that the Client is required to send back must be returned 24 hours before the session

The length of the session is 30 minutes. If the session extends significantly past this time, the Behaviourist may charge the Client for the extra time.

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that they book a session when they will be available for the full time.

Home Study Modules

The Client understands that Separation Anxiety School consists of 8 Home Study modules which cover:

Intro Module: SA Seminar, Catch up videos, what you need

Module 1: Welbeing

Module 2: Attachment

Module 3: Desenitisation

Module 4: Advanced Desensitisation

Module 5: The First Absence

Module 6: Supplements

Module 7: Leaving the Home

Module 8: Maintenance

The Client understands that the 8 modules will be released on a schedule across 12 weeks, until the Client has received the 8 modules, after which, the Client can review at their own pace. The Behaviourist reserves the right to change, alter or rename modules as required.

Group Calls

One group call is available as bonus to SA School. This is for a limited time only. Clients who are attendees of the group calls agree to have the call recorded and made available to all clients in SA School.

Group Community Access

The Client may be granted access to a private group on social media/other format as a bonus to SA School. The Client agrees to be polite and respectful, and to agree to never share photos, screenshots, or copies of any information within the group. The Client can be removed at any time if any offensive or negative comments are made, to protect other Clients within the community. If the Client makes any false, damaging or disparaging remarks about SA School within the comments or community, or whilst they are involved in SA School in the wider community, the Behaviourist reserves the right to remove the Client from the community.

Touch Points (SA School Supported)

The Client will have the ability to submit questions via WhatsApp as a touch point at 8 points in SA School (Supported) This is a bonus to SA School. There will be specific dates where feedback will be given and it is the clients responsibility to send in the information for feedback. This is subject to a fair use policy. if the Client does not send in their check in for the specified dates, the Behaviourist will not send any feedback for that week, or any feedback outside of the specified dates to protect the time of clients on other programmes.

Training Tools

The following items are NOT permitted as part of any training plan: choker chains/check chains; electronic training collars including citronella; any other device that causes pain, discomfort or fear to the animal, prong or pinch collars; any other equipment that the Behaviourist deems detrimental.

Rest Weeks

The Client understands that there will be scheduled in Rest Weeks across the 12 week programme. This is to allow the Client and their dog to be able to process the information and catch up on what they need. The Client understands that the Behaviourist will not be available through any channels of contact; including and not limited to Facebook, Whatsapp, phonecall, text, email or any other form of contact during Rest Weeks.

Client Behaviour

The Behaviourist is committed to providing all Programme participants with a positive and productive experience. By signing below, the Client agrees that the Behaviourist, at their sole discretion, may limit, suspend, or terminate the right to participate in the Program without forgiveness of any previous monthly payments if they become disruptive or difficult to work with, fail to follow Programme guidelines, or if theirbehaviour impairs the ability of instructors or fellow participants to participate in the Programme.

By completing the online purchase of SA School, the Client agrees that they have carefully read this document and understands the Terms and Conditions.